New Era's Competitive Edge

  • OpportunITsearch ™ software developed over 15 years ago.

  • Developed to automate the very cumbersome DLA quote search process.

  • The software was an industry first.

  • Originally the search engine was limited to investigations by cage code only.

  • The search would match the cage code as a “process or delete function.”

  • New Era’s software has been used as a model for the development of similar private-industry software systems.

  • The software is constantly evolving with the same basic premise– more business with less work.

  • Automation from OpportunITsearch ™ led to an increase in sales of $2 million annually with no additional employees.

Did You Know?

OpportunITsearch ™ New Era's proprietary software reveals normally obscure sales opportunities.
This system produces viable sales opportunities at a rate of 2 million inquiries in 2.2 seconds.

OpportunITsearch ™ was the industry's pioneer program and has matured to unmatched effectiveness.

OpportunITsearch ™ automation led to an increase in sales of $2 million annually without additional employees.

Ask us today how OpportunITsearch software can work for your business.